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Why Agile?

Agile delivers on what’s important.

This year we wanted to compare why people implement agile (one of the biggest areas of importance) against agile’s ability to actually deliver value in those areas. The results? Agile implementation, on the whole, delivers what organizations hope for. The chart below compares mean importance against actual improvements companies who implemented agile saw in over a dozen areas measured. The ability to manage changing prioritiesproductivity and project visibility were the top areas of importance and corresponding improvements delivered.


Top 3 reasons to adopt agile:


Greatest concerns about adopting agile



Benefits obtained from agile


Overall consensus regarding adoption

The number of people who felt that agile projects were the same or faster to completion than previous non-agile projects has increased by double-digits in the last 2 years.  Beyond that, fewer respondents said agile projects were ‘slower’ to completion this year.


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